About Yukon Fitness

Yukon Fitness Equipment
5906 Park Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44105


Telephone: 1-800-799-8566
International Customers Please Call: 001-440-439-0000

We encourage you to look closely at the construction and design of Yukon Fitness Equipment and to compare it to any other brand of home fitness equipment.  We believe you will see the care and pride our craftsmen build into each machine.  Each of our products is designed to be the most stable, durable, and effective in helping you to reach your personal fitness goals.

There are many ways to save a few dollars and claim the lowest prices on everything: Simply use a lower grade of steel or use less of it, spend less on research and development, remove the extras of compatibility and the ability to upgrade or simply skip some minor details.  At Yukon we have rejected these ideas because our mission is to bring you the best value, not the cheapest gym possible.

Thank you for your interest in our premium line of fitness equipment.  We look forward to serving you in your quest for physical perfection.