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Pre-Paid Order only. This Machine is not arriving until Mid February 2022

This product is currently out of stock, but we are now accepting pre orders. This order reserves your place in line once we receive and begin shipping the machines. We anticipate receiving our shipment roughly 45 days after January 1’st. This is not a guarantee and it could end up taking longer.  Please feel free to call or email us with any questions about how our Pre-order process works. Thank you!


Yukon Fitness Competitor Delt Machine is designed to isolate your deltoid muscles and build stronger, more define back and shoulders. The built-in handles give you a better range of motion. Constructed with heavy gauge structural rolled steel tubing, this deltoid machine was built to last! Yukon's Competitor Delt Machine is electro statically powder coated for quality seal against corrosion and chip resistant.

The padding consists of a top grade, laminated wood base, overlaid with high density foam, and covered in a premium moisture resistant vinyl. Yukon's Competitor Delt Machine features independent action delt arms with dual weight pegs, fully bushed at all pivot points, custom adjustable seat, four free Olympic adapters, and 400 Pounds of weight capacity. The deltoid machine is designed for those who are looking for total shoulder back development. The shoulder press has four different hand grips for wide range of motion.

*Weight plates sold separately.

*Please Note: Olympic adapters and Weights sold separately


  • Unique design for serious total shoulder & back development
  • Independent action Delt arms with dual weight pegs.
  • New built-in swivel handles for better range of motion
  • Fully bushed at all pivot points
  • Should press has 4 grips for wide range of motion
  • custom adjustable seat
  • 9.25'' Olympic adapters
  • Weight -- 93 lbs.
  • Deltoid machine capacity -- 400 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions:  47"H x 46"W x 44"D