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Build a custom replacement cable for any piece of exercise equipment in your home gym with these Yukon replacement gym cables. (With some exclusions.)  All of our cables are 1/8th" - 3/16th" Black Nylon Coated with a variety of standard end types! Build yourself a new Yukon custom cable today. 

**Cables are custom made, consequently, they may take up to two weeks before they're shipped**

**Please note: $9.95 (Assembly)** is the labor cost per cable ordered. The actual cable cost is $3.50 per foot plus ends**



  • 3/16th" Black Nylon Coated Cable
  • We can build your custom gym cables of any size.

* Please note - Customers are responsible for proper product specifications and measurements of all custom cables purchased - all sales are final for custom-built cables. Cables are measured from tip to tip (as shown below) for any questions please call 1-800-799-8566.

Cable End Types: