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Introducing The Wall Trainer

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The all-new Wall Trainer is a compact, enclosed resistance strength training machine that uses state-of-the-art, high-quality rubber cord technology providing superior isotonic (positive concentric and negative eccentric) resistance.

The Wall Trainer is built-in, easy to install, and engineered to last a lifetime. The machine is non-forging in both the positive (first lifting phase of the exercise) and the negative (lower phase of the exercise).  This allows the user to get maximum benefits without wasting a second of time or energy.

The Wall Trainer’s zero footprint fits any wall leaving more space for exercise and more space for everyday living!

Plus the best part: No subscription costs EVER!  You will never have to pay monthly fees for the Wall Trainer.  Current and future updates to the workouts are always included.

Engineered To Last a Lifetime

The Wall Trainer has been implemented with next-level patented isotonic negative resistance technology which has been tested and proven in thousands of homes and health clubs around the world. With over forty years' experience in the fitness industry, the technology behind The Wall Trainer speaks for itself.

In addition to the magic behind isotonic resistance, The Wall Trainer's ingenious dial-activated resistance system provides a level of smooth and consistent results unmatched by any machine on the market today. Simply turn for the burn!

One Machine 100+ Workouts

  • Sensitive and responsive. Your muscles actually learn this and respond accordingly, giving you an incredible burst of muscle and blood activation with every inch of movement.
  • Non-forging in both the positive (the lifting, first phase of the exercise) and the negative (the lower phase of the exercise). This means not a second of time or energy is ever going to waste.
  • Speed training. To our knowledge there is no other machine made for the home or office that is able to duplicate the quickness at which your body can move.
  • The benefits to the body and the improved ability to perform everyday activities or excel in the sport of your choice is immeasurable with The Wall Trainer.
  • If you’re using The Wall Trainer you’re getting maximum benefits. You literally can’t cheat.
  • Eight workout videos available at the touch of a finger on the beautiful LED display, with more on the way. (Requires 3-prong power and stable Wi-Fi).
  • No subscriptions, ever!

The Bottom Line

  • The only isotonic resistance system that uses substantial progressive resistance (which has been proven for over 100 years) as well as our patented isotonic technology which has been proven in thousands of homes and health clubs around the world.​
  • The only system that allows “speed" training which works on different parts of the musculature and nerves as well as creating a cardio-like effect.
  • The only fully self-contained non-weight-based exercise machine with no fragile surgical tubing or dangerous free weights.
  • The only cable-based “resistance” machine that is DIAL activated, totally self contained, and has instant resistance-ON technology with no lag, drop, momentum, inertia, or dead spots and is totally unforgiving in both the concentric and eccentric phase of the exercise. This means every second you spend on the machine is challenging your muscles.
  • The only serious wall-mounted home gym that won’t break the bank!