Tricep Shrug Pushdown Machine

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Introducing the brand new Tricep Shrug Pushdown Machine.  This incredibly versatile machine combines 11 different exercises into one compact design.  Interchangeable handles and pads allow different combinations that target a diverse set of muscles.  An adjustable seat also allows the user to find the most comfortable workout position.  Made with 12 gauge steel for an incredibly durable and long lasting machine

This machine accepts standard plates. If using Olympic Plates with this machine you must purchase a pair of 7" Olympic AdapterClick Here to View Olympic Adapters

This machine can perform the following exercises:

  • Tricep Dips
  • One Arm Tricep Dips
  • Alternate Tricep Dips
  • Push Press
  • Bicep Curls*
  • Shrugs*
  • Two Arm Shrugs
  • Deadlifts
  • Straight Leg Deadlifts
  • Split Squats
  • One Arm Bent Over Row

*These exercises require additional accessories which are sold separately

Product Dimensions: 70" Long x 43" Wide x 34" High

Product Weight: 94 Pounds