Keeping Fit For Golf DVD - Golf Fit Kit

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This Kit/Product Contains:
  • Keeping Fit for Golf Book
  • Golf Fitness DVD
  • Two Rubber resistance Thera-Band tubes

A complete programme of fitness information for golfers of all ages and abilities. How to exercise safely, improve and ultimately enjoy the game throughout their lifetime.

The author, Chic Carvell, has over 30 years experience in fitness training, having qualified as a Phys. Ed teacher in 1972. He has worked with sportsmen and women at club and international levels, training David Howell in his early years on the European Tour, helping him to develop a positive attitude towards fitness.

The Golf Fitness Exercises DVD/Video and Book covers topics such as:

  • Warming-up before you play or practice
  • Muscles at work during the swing
  • Strength and endurance training
  • Flexibility training
  • Abdominal and back exercise

"Chic's work is specific to golf and improved fitness can only help your game."

- Scott Cranfield - European Tour & Sky TV Coach

"I recommend fitness should be an integral part of your game. The Chartex Golf Fit Kit is complete for our sport."

-David Howell - European Tour Professional

"It is a must for every teaching professional, providing comprehensive information for you to advise your customers on fitness training and how to improver their game by being fitter. An essential addition to the golf shop."

- Andrek Kirk - PGA Professional