Stretch for Better Golf Chart

Stretch for Better Golf Chart
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    Want to improve your mobility? Increase your performance? And Prevent injury? Before you toe up to that first tee shot make sure you're properly stretched! The Stretch For Better Golf chart covers the ever so important stretches that will enable you to perform to your true potential.

    Increase or maintain your mobility to improve your game and help prevent injuries with this golf stretching chart. All golf stretches listed are specific to the muscle groups used during your golf game. Let the easily readable instructions and clear illustrations walk you through a stretch routine can only help your game from your first swing to your last!

    This chart is perfect for Clubhouses, Locker Rooms, Driving Ranges, Golf Instructors, Hobbyists and the Aspiring Pro!


    • 10 "Better Golf Stretches" including
    • Trunk Rotation for Mobility and Warming up
    • Shoulder Rotation
    • Chest Stretch>
    • Neck Exercises
    • Posterior Shoulder Stretch
    • Wrist and Forearm Stretch
    • Calf Stretch
    • Spine and Hips Stretch
    • Full Side Stretch
    • Trunk Rotation and Hip Stretch
    • Full color illustrations!
    • informative instruction for each stretch
    • Laminated for durability

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