Golf Chart Muscles at Work

Golf Chart Muscles at Work
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    Keep the muscles strong through endurance strength training Feel, balance, Rhythm and Control


    The first step to improving your game is knowing what to improve. This chart gives you the perfect visual of the muscles that are used with your golf swing. From the balanced address position to the follow through you are able to clearly see the individual muscles that contribute to the effectiveness of your golf swing. Complete with proper medical terminology and helpful tips at each stage of your swing.

    This chart is perfect for Clubhouses, Locker rooms, Driving Ranges, Golf instructors, Hobbyists and the Aspiring Pro!


    • Muscle identification during all stages of the golf swing both front and back views:
      • Balanced Address Position
      • The Back Swing
      • The Downswing
      • The Hitting Zone
      • The Follow Through
    • Color-coded muscle groups
      • Dark Red muscles work with the most intensity
      • Light Red muscles work with the least intensity
    • Laminated for durability

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