Warm up/Cool Down Exercise

Warm up/Cool Down Exercise
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    Why Warm Up and Cool Down?

    This warm up/cool down gym exercise poster from Chartex explains the importance of the warm up and cool down exercises of your workout. With detailed illustrations, the warm up/cool down poster puts you through step by step directions on how to warm-up and cool-down. This gym exercise poster breaks the routine down into 3 phases.

    Phase one is about increasing the body's muscle temperature with a 6 minute cardio-respiratory exercise. Phase two instructs you through a series of simple calisthenics to increase blood flow to the muscles. Phase 3 is the step by step stretching phase necessary to reduce risk of injury during your workout. After that comes the cool down portion of the chart. This part of the warm up/cool down poster lists what you should do to properly "cool down" from your workout.

    This fitness warm up and cool down chart is perfect for anyone who's either just beginning to exercise or those who are experienced exercisers.

    Add this chart to your purchase of any of our cardio equipment!

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