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Hyper Extension Machine

Hyper Extension MachineQuantity in Basket: none
Code: HYP-156

Shipping Weight: 70.00 pounds
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Hyper Extension Machine

Product Dimensions:  46"H x 26"W x 60"D



                    How would you like to strengthen your back, Abs, hamstrings and glutes

                    all in one machine? Yukon's Hyper Extension Machine is the perfect piece of 

                    equipment to do just that. Featuring, quick adjustable sliding pegs and traction 

                    enhanced foot pegs to allow for secure positioning during use, this machine can 

                    accommodate most any user. Tighten up your mid section with Yukon's Hyper

                    Extension Machine. 


Product Features: 


  • Fully Adjustable to Accommodate a Variety of Users

  • Thick 8"" Pad for Comfort

  • Non-Slip Footplate Built-in


Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

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